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Louis X of France

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Of navarre louis Louis XIV

Louis Condé

Louis X of France and Navarre

At Orléans, the was assassinated, and when the Queen's fears that the war might drag on led her to negotiate a truce, Condé negotiated the with the Catholic party in 1563, which gave the Huguenots some religious toleration.

  • When the nobles were informed of the extent of the debt, they were shocked into rejecting the plan.

  • With an unknown woman, Louis had a daughter, Eudeline, who joined the Order of St.

Louis XVI of France

Louis' second wife Clementia was pregnant at the time of his death, leaving the succession in doubt.

  • Did they have any descendants? Within three short months, the majority of the king's executive authority had been transferred to the elected representatives of the people's nation.

  • In 1315, Louis married , who gave birth to five months after the king's death.

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