Animal house nudity - 40 years later, can we still stomach 'Animal House'?

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The Real Reason Ellen Barkin Left Animal Kingdom

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But just you wait, I've got a theory.

  • After consulting with student government leaders and officers of the Pan Hellenic Council, the Director of University Relations advised the president that the script, although raunchy and often tasteless, was a very funny spoof of college life.

  • Kenney was responsible for the first appearances of three characters that would appear in the film, Larry Kroger, Mandy Pepperidge, and Vernon Wormer.

The Real Reason Ellen Barkin Left Animal Kingdom

When you first set foot into Animal Crossing's universe, it's Tom Nook with a home in exchange for working at his store.

  • Being members of the Homecoming court, Babs and Mandy are both dressed in matching pink dresses and pink hats.

  • I can't wait for the 50-year reunion in 2028.