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Meghan Markle tells Labour MP Holly Lynch she feels 'lonely'

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Brave Holly Willoughby! Secret relief as she finally faces up to going it alone

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Holly Willoughby's shock split! Insider warns: 'Her life's about to get toxic'

It's speculated this was actually done not due to the content, but to dissuade the distributors from submitting the uncut version on video which could cause controversy in a less restricted environment - however, all video releases are uncut and still rated 18.

  • But I don't think the film has the courage or the intellect to explore such themes.

  • Nor do they seem to be aware that they are undermining their own efforts by building an oh-so serious drama around a ludicrously grim and lame joke.

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How are we to care one way or the other -- emotionally, dramatically, socially or even clinically -- about people the film itself seems to regard as emotionally dead freaks? They like to recreate infamous celebrity auto accidents, such as James Dean's roadside death.

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  • Holly's dress costs more than £250 so we've found a high street dupe.

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