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If youre upset towards yourself please remember to forgive yourself and to accept the fact that this storyight be a story you yourself will laugh at when you grow older, dont beat yourself over and rather take this experience as a lesson, to eighter be more careful or not to do it in the first place and most importantly take it as a lesson to learn the difference between shame and embarresment, dont feel ashamed at all cost in this situation.

  • But in May this year, the nude photos of her began to circulate online again only this time she was arrested under Uganda's Anti-Pornography Act.

  • And people overall are having quite the hissy fit about it.

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She claims they were taken when she was 18 at Clemson and sent only to an ex-boyfriend.

  • In case you weren't aware: back in August a collection of almost 200 private pictures of various celebrities €“ including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and more €“ were posted on the imageboard 4chan.

  • Have they asked for money to not release the nudes? At this point, it seems like the artist has quite a bit of music up her sleeve, and we can't wait to see it all come together.