Pokimane dm leak - Valkyrae's leaked DMs paint streamer as victim of RFLCT scheme, hints she's quitting the project

Dm leak pokimane 'EXPLAIN?'

These leaked DM's show how Valkyrae really feels about the RFLCT drama

Dm leak pokimane Twitch Leak:

Dm leak pokimane Twitch Leak:

Fedmyster’s leaked document: Drama with Pokimane explained

Dm leak pokimane The truth

Dm leak pokimane Leaked DMs

Dm leak pokimane Leafy's Pokimane

Dm leak pokimane Fedmyster's Pokimane

Pokimane, xQc, Shroud Twitch stream earnings revealed in alleged major source code leak

Dm leak pokimane Leafy's Pokimane

Dm leak pokimane Pokimane responds

Dm leak pokimane Fedmyster’s leaked

Privacy was Leaked Countless Pokimane releases a new document about Fedmyster

The tweet thread had both a breakdown of recent monthly earnings and gross income since August 2019.

  • Transparently, subs, plus stream ads are the lowest part of my income and I want you guys to continue keeping that money in your pocket.

  • While the series originally started as a home game between some voice actor friends, it has since spiraled into a fully-fledged media company.

Pokimane, xQc, Hasan, and Other Top Streamers Respond to Twitch Earnings Leaks


  • Following the leak, streamer Destiny reviewed the leaked document, commenting on it during his stream.

  • Recently, a hacker released what is arguably one of the biggest data leaks from Twitch, revealing everything from its base source code to details about Included in this huge information dump was also the income of nearly every streamer that uses Twitch as a content platform.

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