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Papi alice and ‘I cannot


Bette's new teaching assistant, Nadia , begins having romantic feelings for her.

  • Due to her being a 'flight risk', her bail is set at an undisclosed, but high amount.

  • Nat and Gigi reveal to Alice that they have overcome their differences and that they want to continue being polyamorous, but when Alice discovers that Gigi has actually been living with Nat during those days and the two have been having sex frequently without her, she openly accuses Nat of only using her sexually for the past two years to get over her heartbreak from Gigi's infidelity, and angrily leaves.

Tasha Williams

You know, some of my best friends are from the show.

  • The vindictive Jenny plays on Stacey Merkin's girlfriend's sympathies to get back at her.

  • While Bette and Tina continues to make business plans for the adoption, Jamie plays a third-wheel crush to Alice and Tasha.