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Pictures adrienne larussa Days of

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‎Psychout for Murder (1969) directed by Rossano Brazzi • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

These days, after getting hassled time and time again, we don't even do soundclips much anymore!! He is surrounded by Denise Alexander Susan , Marie Cheatham Marie , Susan Flannery Laura , Frances Reid Alice , Heather North Sandy and Susan Seaforth Julie , each holding a candle representing each year the show had been on the air.

  • Turns out that someone else must have noticed that, too, since their marriage was annulled later that year.

  • Wild Card Wednesday with Eegah!! In these moments it shows how good of an actress Larussa is, who resembles a modern star like Margot Robbie.

‎Psychout for Murder (1969) directed by Rossano Brazzi • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

Kind of torn on this one unfortunately.

  • Top Row: Marty Davich Marty , Tom Scott Jim , Chip Fields Toni , Don Frabotta Dave , Frederic Downs Hank , Jocelyn Somers Jean , John Lupton Tommy , Stewart Bradley Lt.

  • Top Row: Bill Hayes Doug , Susan Seaforth Hayes Julie , Paul Henry Itkin Johnny , Michael Dwight Smith Danny , Corinne Conley Phyllis , Mark Tapscott Bob , Frederic Downs Hank.