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Jade tumblr harley LE SIGN


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Jade tumblr harley Headless Horse

Jade tumblr harley Heyyy…💚

Silly Little Homestucks

I will be getting to it right away.

  • If you have any prompts or asks for a video in mind.

  • Do you wanna converse with a seer of light with more sarcasm in her body than actual blood? Anyways- My name is jade harley my name ooc is scarlet but for purposes of this blog please call me jade unless I give you permission to call me scarlet.


Thank you anonymous asked: Jade I made a huge mistake I feel like a bully and like everyone hates me I was wondering if you could help? Do you want to sit through endless paragraphs that use big words for no reason other than to make you feel not as smart? This is our tumblr blog.

  • Even though I still have a minor flu at the moment.

  • All asks will be answered here and on our youtube channel! I had recently created a Blog for my fantroll! If you could only see, hear from, or talk to John, Dave, or Rose ever again, who would you choose and why? Then please like and reblog this post! We would really appreciate it if you guys sent some asks in for either Jade, John, Dave, or all of them!! I have missed this blog so send them in!!!!!.

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