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The sissy maid should be open to criticism and take the wishes of the mistress in the spirit of improving her ability to be of service.

  • Just so you know, TooTimid.

  • Will you wear again the mini skirt and blouse? Hopefully one where a guy is forcibly turned into a girl, and then a demon mother and daughter team convert him into a slut.

Tg stories forced. Amber Goth's Forced Feminization TG Captions and Transgender StoriesForced to be a Princess (part 1) by forcedfemstorys on DeviantArt

I can't say it helped my self esteem much to wake up even earlier and get into my schoolgirl clothes even sooner to spend time in uniform hanging out panties, bras, nylons, slips, blouses, nighties, and whatever else.

  • A fragment of this procedure is shown in the video.

  • I'm still working on a comic caption, but work has been hectic lately.